Bond FAQs

Why do we need a bond? Can't the District pay for this construction through its normal budget?

The State now mandates the tax rate set for the maintenance and operations (M&O) budget for Texas school districts. It is not possible for most Texas school districts to save the amount needed for large capital projects. These types of projects are funded through the interest and sinking (I&S) funds, which require voter approval.

How is it estimated that oil & gas will pay 95% of future bond payments?

A tax rate is applied equally to all property within the District. As of this year, oil & gas represents approximately 95% of all value within Sands CISD. Local values make up approximately 5%.

What will the total tax rate be if the proposed bond is approved by voters, and how does that compare to the last bond the District called?

If approved, the total tax rate for Sands CISD is estimated to be $1.11 per $100 of value, which is the same tax rate as the last bond approved within the District.

What grade levels would the new construction impact?

The construction would be for a new PK-12 building that would accommodate all Sands CISD students. The classrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium, auditorium, and Ag/CTE building would be accessible under one roof, meaning the students do not need to exit the building.

How will my taxes be impacted if the bond is approved by voters? 

Sands CISD will be adding a tax impact calculator to its website where property owners can input their value and determine their exact impact. Please visit for the tax impact calculator as well as more information regarding the bond.

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